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“I pointed the sword towards his face”: Man fights off would-be robber with plastic sword

A pharmacy employee has fought off an intruder with a plastic Samurai sword after an alleged burglary at a chemist in Melbourne’s south-east.

First heard on The Rumour File,  the man confronted two would-be robbers at the Caulfield North chemist on Wednesday night.

Sam Lee told Tom Elliott he struck one man, “as hard as he could” with a traditional Samurai training sword before they both fled.

“I gave him two or three good whacks on the thigh, which caused him to fall back a bit,” Sam said.

“I then pointed the sword towards the direction of his face, I did a quick blow to the top of his head.

“He staggered backward, he was dazed.”

Police arrested two suspects a short distance from the scene shortly after.

Sam, who has a background in Taekwondo, said the sword is used in martial arts training.

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