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‘I should be dead, really’: Shooting victim and face of The Alfred’s Father’s Day Appeal shares his story

Image: The Age/Jason South and supplied

The Alfred Hospital has just launched its 2019 Father’s Day Appeal.

This year, the face of the appeal is shooting victim Kelvin Tennant.

Staff at The Alfred saved his life after he was randomly shot three times while riding his motorised bike on the Myrtleford-Everton Rail Trail in 2017.

Mr Tennant told Neil Mitchell he was “certainly cared for well in The Alfred”.

He said he’s lucky to be alive.

“I should be dead, really, because the scan was really just touch and go.

“The bullet fragmented, the one that hit me in the right side of the head, and there were three fragments… that could have done a lot of damage.”

Police believe the attack was random.

“The police think that I was shot by an ice addict who happened to have a gun,” Mr Tennant said.

Two and a half years on from the shooting, Mr Tennant is back on his bike.

“I still do a lot of cycling,” he said.

3AW is broadcasting from the Father’s Day Appeal is on August 30.

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