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Richard Di Natale stands up for Bob Brown’s right to campaign against a proposed Tasmanian wind farm

Former Greens leader Bob Brown is campaigning to stop a $1.6 billion wind farm development on Tasmania’s Robbins Island because it will spoil the view and kill birds.

Current Greens leaders, Senator Richard Di Natale refused to comment on the specific Robbins Island project, but stood up for Mr Brown.

“I will not ring Bob and tell him to shut up,” Mr Di Natale told 3AW’s Tom Elliott.

“I’m not going to point to a specific wind farm, and there might be very good reasons why that one is inappropriate.

“Bob is entitled to campaign against it, and if there is good evidence for why that shouldn’t be there that’ll be assessed on its merits.”

Mr Di Natale said whether or not the wind farm goes ahead is an issue for the Tasmanian government.

“In the end every wind farm has got to be assessed according to the planning scheme of the state,” he said.

“I’m sure the Tassie greens, because it’s a state planning issue, will be all over it.”

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Former Greens leader Bob Brown takes a stand AGAINST a Tasmanian wind farm