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Ian Chappell says Chris Gayle must be suspended after ‘arrogant’ apology

Ian Chappell says Chris Gayle must be suspended after making a half-baked apology for his mid-interview pass at sports reporter Mel McLaughlin.

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Gayle said his comments were a ‘simple joke’ and the reaction was ‘blown out of proportion’, saying he was sorry if McLaughlin was offended.

He took another female reporter to task during the press conference at Melbourne Airport when she suggested McLaughlin was upset.

The Macquarie Radio cricket team was left stunned when the press conference concluded with Gayle storming off.

‘He doesn’t sound like a man who was terribly contrite,’ Tim Lane said.

Ian Chappell: ‘I think the arrogant approach at the end to that last question … if he’s not suspended then I don’t think they’re serious about it.’

Earlier, Tim Lane said he would have been angry if he saw his sports reporter daughter, Sam Lane, treated in the same way.

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