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Ian Chappell says Pakistan should have sacked captain Misbah-ul-Haq

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Australian cricket great Ian Chappell says Pakistan should have sacked captain Misbah-ul-Haq before the Third Test at the SCG.

Chappell launched a scathing attack on the Pakistan skipper while watching Australia take the visitors to task in the first session of the New Year’s Test.

Misbah, 42, dismissed suggestions he should stand down before the match, telling reporters he wasn’t ready to retire.

But Chappell said on Macquarie Radio it shouldn’t have been up to Misbah to decide.

‘This business that it’s ‘up to Misbah’ whether he wants to play or not ? that’s rubbish – it’s up to the selectors,’ Chappell said.

‘Is Misbah good enough to be in the cricket team? No, not at the moment.

‘His captaincy is very ordinary and his batting is horrible ? he should have been out.

‘Particularly in a dead series.

‘The man’s 42 ? give somebody who you think has got a bit of a future in the game a match at the SCG and find out something about them.

‘But this business of waiting to see when Misbah wants to retire ? rubbish – sack him if he’s not good enough.’

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