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Ian Chappell wants switch-hit banned from cricket

Australian cricket great Ian Chappell has called for the controversial switch-hit to be banned from the sport.

The unconventional shot, in which a batsman changes stance mid-ball, has been branded ‘completely unfair’ by the former Test captain.

‘It should not be legal,’ Chappell said on Macquarie Radio.

‘How is it fair?

‘You’re placing a field for a left-hander and he becomes a right-hander.

‘Explain to me how that’s fair?’

He said the rules in limited over cricket were too heavily weighted in favour of the batsmen, also taking aim at the wide rule.

‘Why don’t you just make everything in favour of the batsman?’ Chappell said.

Indian captain MS Dhoni wasn’t spared, either, with Chappell saying he had ‘long past his use-by date’ as skipper.

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