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Iconic jewellery store Kozminsky set to close

Iconic Melbourne jewellery house Kozminsky is closing down after 162 years.

The Bourke Street store, which has been frequented by prime ministers and celebrities will close it’s doors next month.

3AW’s Neil Mitchell spoke with Kozminsky owner Kirsten Albrecht who says it’s the right time to close, ‘It’s time to move from a bricks and mortar style to a style more convivial to peoples choice and way of dealing now, the world’s changing quickly and retails changing quicker.’

Elton John, Cher, Barry Humphries, Imran Khan, Bob Menzies, Harold Holt , Dame Elisabeth Murdoch were all customers.

Caller Dawn said she had worked there for 20 years.

‘When I think of the happy years I had there, I’m so sad the shop is closing down,’ she said.

Ms Albrecht agrees, ‘I think it is a bit sad, I think its a reflection on society and how we are moving..’ 

Kozminsky will close it’s doors on February 10.

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