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Wet and wintry Melbourne records a new weather record

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Melbourne has recorded its wettest start to a year on record.

(Above image: via Australian Traffic Network this morning)

The 9mm overnight and this morning takes the tally to 409mm, more to this point in the year since such records started in 1924.

Click PLAY to hear the bureau tell Neil Mitchell about about the record

The city is also on track for the coldest May day in 50 years, with a top of only 12° forecast.

A winter chill is gripping Victoria, with icy winds sweeping the state.

Blizzard conditions are expected in the state’s Alpine region, bringing up to 50cm of snow by the weekend.

Temperatures are expected to reach only 12° in Melbourne, but the bureau says it will feel even colder.

“With the wind around we are expecting ‘feels like temperatures to generally be in the single-digits right across the state,” bureau forecaster Tom Delamont said

“Even in Melbourne, the ‘feels like’ is likely to be closer to 7°.”

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