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IDEAS FACTORY | How can we improve supermarkets?

Barry Urquhart is the Managing Director of Marketing Focus and a retail expert –

Barry spoke with Neil Mitchell on how can we improve supermarkets.

Some the ideas were:

  • Get rid of check outs
  • Scan your items straight into the trolley
  • Introduce gyms
  • 24 hour opening
  • Reduce staff
  • Cafe/Restaurants
  • Dry cleaning outlets
  • Bars
  • Australian only isles.
  • Keep lollies away from the checkout
  • Trolley indicators

Listener Sue had a billion dollar idea for a drive-thru supermarket.

‘It will make it easier for people with kids’ – the last thing you want to do is get the kids out of the car for one or two items.

Click PLAY below to hear Neil’s chat with Barry Urquhart and a few of our listeners ideas