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IDEAS FACTORY: How to ease congestion on Melbourne’s roads


Congestion. Get used to it.

Melbourne is set for a painful decade on the roads as works continue to make our roads bigger and better in future.

But how can we cope in the meantime??

Neil Mitchell listeners rang in to share their thoughts and ideas…

  • ROB started working from home after he found out East-West Link was scrapped.
  • TOM says Canada introduced public transport ‘licences’ which last for a year and bus travel is free on all freeways.
  • GLEN wants truck drivers to have logbook rules changed.
  • SCOTT from Secure Parking says he’ll reduce ticket prices, if the government removes the congestion levy.
  • JON suggested staggering school days. 7am to 1pm for primary and junior schools. 2pm to 8pm for secondary and tertiary.
  • JASON wondered whether using freight trains to carry materials in and out of the city could reduce truck traffic.

John Merritt from the TAC admits the next decade will be ‘problematic’ on Melbourne’s roads.

‘But we have time to think and prepare for it and make some choices about how we’re going to deal with this collectively,’ he said.

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Professor Peter Gahan, from the Centre for Workplace Leadership, said it was time businesses and companies considered different work routines.

He said the traditional 9 to 5 way of life wasn’t helping our roads.

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