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Ideas Factory: How to improve Port Phillip Bay

Any ideas for making the most of the coast and improving Port Phillip Bay?

As part of Neil Mitchell’s Ideas Factory, he asked one of the bay’s biggest advocates, former premier Ted Baillieu how he would fix it.

‘We need to get on with and finish and building the marina network around the bay,’ he said.

‘We’ve got to provide refuelling facilities at the piers, there’s hardly any of them around.

‘We should have more launching ramps, make them fully commercial, and include restaurants at them.’

3AW Mornings listeners also shared their views for how to make the most of the coastline.


  • Ban net fishing
  • Get rid of the jellyfish (no word yet on how to do that)
  • Safer boating  (including refuelling for boats, better ramps; jet skis in designated spots only)
  • More water police to ‘stop cowboys in boats’
  • Improve camping areas
  • Rip out the tea trees along the coast and landscape the area
  • Better facilities (bike parks, more restaurant and bars)
  • Avoid structural dredging
  • Make beach carparks more affordable
  • Cruises around the bay