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IDEAS FACTORY: Making life easier for renters, without punishing owners

Ideas Factory: How can we make life easier for renters, without punishing owners?

Property prices are at record levels, which has pushed more people into the rental market.

Landlords complain that they can’t move tenants out; tenants complain that they live in substandard accommodation, and can’t get it fixed.

CEO of the Tenants Union of Victoria, Mark O’Brien, told Neil there is an argument surrounding the landlord’s social responsible, versus the tenants financial responsibility.

‘The tenant is generally in the less powerful bargaining position’

‘The landlord won’t be made homeless if the tenant doesn’t rent the property, but that will be the fate of the tenant,’ he said

3AW listeners, both landlords and renters, shared their grievances and ideas on 3AW Mornings.

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