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IDEAS FACTORY: Pop-up shelters to house Melbourne’s homeless

Empty and under-utilised buildings and office space in Melbourne’s CBD could be the answer to the city’s homelessness crisis.

Salvos stalwart Brendan Nottle broke down on Neil Mitchell’s program last week, saying it’s at crisis point.

In the Ideas Factory, Property Council of Victoria board member Rob Pradolin told Neil Mitchell he was confident it would take off. 

‘The idea is using existing infrastructure in terms of office buildings that may be going through a planning permit,’ he said.

‘It’s a process hat may take 12-18 months to go through.

‘Why not use it as pop up shelters for the homeless – it’s very common sense.’

?He said pop-up shelters could be erected at little cost.

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Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said it was critical key players in the homeless space worked together.

‘There are symptoms which we see on our streets behind that there are causes, unless we get to those, we are just boiling the ocean,’ he said.

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