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IDEAS FACTORY: Three victims of crime join Neil Mitchell in studio

Three victims of crime have come forward to share their ideas on how we can bring an end to Melbourne’s crime wave.

“In a sense they’re victims, but in another sense … they’re not,” said Neil Mitchell.

“All spoke out, all refused to be cowed, intimidated … All want action”

Neil was joined in the studio by three very different people, all with one thing in common.

  • Michael Tallal – He was carjacked and assaulted on Toorak Road last year, then set upon by six men, one striking him with a bat.
    • Michael has called for all Victorians to be fingerprinted when they get their drivers licence.
  • Jade Gormley – She was the victim of an aggravated burglary in late March, Jade woke to find five men in her bedroom demanding cash and threatening to kill her.
    • “I struggle to sleep most nights,” Jade told Neil Mitchell.
  • Tony Fialides – He is the co-owner of IMP jewelers, the store has been robbed twice by brazen, masked thugs.
    • Tony said six months on, he still hasn’t received one his insurance payouts.

Michael Tallal has since launched a petition following the sentence given to the man who stole his car.

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