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Ideas Factory: We need to talk about concussion


We hear a lot about concussion, especially in the world of sport.

On Thursday, Brisbane Lions defender Justin Clarke announced his retirement due to ongoing symptoms from concussion at the age of 22.

But how much of a problem is it? And what can we do about it?

Professor Paul McCrory from the Florey Institute told Neil Mitchell the jury’s still out.

‘All of us, as we get older, are subject to various diseases of the brain,’ he said.

‘You’ve got to separate what’s related to football between what normally happens as we get older.’

Prof McCrory said wearing a helmet can actually increase the risk of concussion as it facilitates taking more risks.

He said his son doesn’t wear a helmet while playing rugby.

‘He needs to train properly, wear a mouthguard – but I certainly wouldn’t put him in a helmet trying to prevent concussion.’

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