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‘If someone else had a gun…’: Mass shooting in San Bernadino, California

The sister-in-law of a woman caught up in the San Bernadino shooting says the carnage may have been avoided if one of the victims had a gun to defend themselves.

US resident Ashley Pettit told Neil Mitchell ‘most people’ were opposed to the idea of stricter gun laws, despite the continued mass shootings.

Ms Pettit’s sister-in-law Holly hid under her desk while three suspected shooters opened fire on a social services centre just outside of Los Angeles.

At a press conference, police said upwards of 14 people had been killed and even more wounded.

US President Barack Obama called on lawmakers to come together ‘on a bipartisan basis’ to make Americans safer.

But Ms Pettit said the President held an unpopular view on the issue at home.

‘I actually think a lot of people are opposed to the President’s thought process on gun laws,’ she told 3AW Mornings.

‘Although these shooters were heavily armed, if somebody in that conference room had a gun they might have been able to stop them sooner.

‘I think if people had the right to carry it would ensure safety, I don’t think it would happen more.’

Ms Pettit confessed she was ‘scared to go anywhere’ with her children because of the shootings.

‘It’s become a daily thought process,’ she said.

Ms Pettit said her sister-in-law was fine, despite the ordeal.

‘The police are interviewing her, but she’s safe,’ she said.

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