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‘If the rule is there, you should take it’: Richo reacts to Carlton declaring the club won’t seek a priority pick

Matthew Richardson says Carlton should seek a priority draft pick despite Blues officials saying the club’s not interested in pursuing it.

Asked about the rationale of the decision, Richo said on Sportsday it should be investigated with only one win in the first 10 rounds of the season.

“If the rule is there, and you can get an advantage, I think you should take it,” he said.

“I think back to Richmond with a priority pick in 2007 and that priority pick was Alex Rance.

“If they didn’t have that priority pick they might not gave got Alex Rance, they would have missed out on a once in a generation player, a four time all Australian player.

“Seriously they wouldn’t have won that premiership.”

Both Dwayne Russell and Gerard Healy agreed.

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Photo: (AAP Image/Julian Smith)