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‘I’ll declare peace’: Neil Mitchell’s offer to Daniel Andrews amid coronavirus panic

Neil Mitchell has promised to set aside his gripes with Premier Daniel Andrews if he appears on the 3AW Mornings program to talk about the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The Premier has not agreed to an interview with Neil Mitchell since 2017.

With a lack of answers and plethora of conflicting information on the coronavirus, Neil Mitchell is calling on the public to come forward with their pressing questions for federal and state leaders, and medical experts.

As part of his push for much-needed answers, Neil has made a peace offering to the Premier.

“I’ll declare peace in the war with Daniel Andrews, and if he’ll come in and talk about the coronavirus I agree not to ask any of these million questions I want to ask,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“I think this time it’s that important to be seeing good leadership, strong leadership and well-exposed leadership.”

If you’ve got a coronavirus question you want answered, send an email to

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Image (background): Luis Ascui / Stringer