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‘I’ll take responsibility’: Karl Stefanovic acknowledges female viewers have switched him off

Today Show host Karl Stefanovic appeared on the Nine morning show for the last time this year, today, as he prepares to re-marry next week in Mexico.

“I reckon its been a year, where Karl has copped more bad press than perhaps anyone in the country,” Neil Mitchell said.

Karl split from first wife Cassandra in 2016, and is set to marry shoe designer Jasmine Yarbrough in Mexico next week.

He admitted while the attention from the public has been “a little baffling” he said he did take responsibility for the wavering ratings the Today Show has experienced.

NM: There have been much-discussed ratings issues with the Today program, is that really a judgment on your personal life? Do people turn off you for that?

KS: If you drilled into numbers about female viewers and male viewers, look there may have been a shift there. I’ll take responsibility for whatever I need to take responsibility for. The ratings I think will come and will go to an extent, I think there have been times in the past couple of years where I haven’t been, when there’s been so much going on, I’ve just sort of punched in and punched out. It’s not perfect but that’s the way it was.

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