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‘I’m gonna kill you’: Terrifying attempted car-jacking of ride-share car in CBD

A ride-share driver has described how he managed to escape a frightening attempted car jacking in the city on the weekend.

Rodney told Neil Mitchell he picked up a female passenger yesterday morning before two men, possibly aged in their late 30s, attacked his vehicle on Queensbridge Street.

One of them jumped on the back of his car while the other smashed on the driver’s side door, telling him to get out.

“Then he turned around with a torch, hammer device, and tried to smash his way through the front windscreen,” Rodney said.

“I said, ‘Stop it’ and he said, ‘I’m gonna get you, I’m gonna kill you’.

“If he had have got me out of the car, what would have happened to that young lady?”

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Rodney and his passenger were able to drive away and reported the incident to police.