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‘I’m sure prisons are not as bad’: Coronavirus cruise passenger says conditions in quarantine are ‘horrendous’

Two Australians evacuated to Darwin from the Diamond Princess cruise ship have tested positive for coronavirus, and those in quarantine are reportedly living in “horrendous” conditions.

Six of the 180 passengers aboard the evacuation flight were isolated upon arrival yesterday, after they returned high temperatures.

Today, two of those passengers have been confirmed to have the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, those who made it to the camp outside Darwin, where passengers from the cruise are being held in quarantine for two weeks, are without basic amenities.

Adina Morris, one of the Australians in quarantine, described the conditions at the Manigurr-ma camp in Howard Springs as “horrendous”.

“I’m sure prisons are not as bad as this!,” she told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“It has been horrific; a horrible, horrible situation.

“It’s filthy. The floors are filthy, the little fridge is filthy.

“There is no hot water for a shower. My husband had a cold shower this morning.

“There is minimal soap, no tissues, no rubbish bins.

“I have put my rubbish outside the front doorstep yesterday and there’s a pile of it now. No one has come to collect it.

“The airconditioning is blowing so strongly that I slept with thermal underwear and a jumper.”

Family members of those in quarantine have tried to send care packages, but the parcels have not been allowed into the quarantine facility.

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