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In conversation: Greens leader Richard Di Natale joins Tom Elliott

Labor has typically always represented the majority of ‘left wing’ voters in Australia, but could that be changing?

The Greens party have wrangled a number of seats from Labor recently.

And Tom Elliott wants to know: are they becoming a mainstream alternative to Labor? 

‘You only have to look here in Melbourne where we are getting over 40 per cent of the vote,’ said Greens leader Richard Di Natale.

‘Look at the under 30 age group and the Greens vote matches with both the big parties.’

In a wide-ranging interview, Senator Di Natale and Tom Elliott spoke about:

  • Lowering the voting age
  • Lifting the pension
  • Increasing refugee intake
  • Corporate tax avoidance
  • Negative gearing

LISTEN: Senator Di Natale joins Tom Elliott in the 3AW studio