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In defence of Hamish McLachlan

There’s been a wave of support for Hamish McLachlan on 3AW this morning.

The Channel Seven presenter issued an apology yesterday after surprising his new colleague, Miss Universe Australia winner Monika Radulovic, during a cross on Sunrise.

Some viewers – we can’t find them – apparently found the incident unsavoury.

However, Radulovic herself says she didn’t have a problem with it, and 3AW presenters reckon it’s ridiculous we’re at the stage that McLachlan even felt the need to apologise.

Peter Ford: You just can’t win at the moment. It’s a very strange environment.

Ross Stevenson: They’re actually friends. (The online reaction) was absolutely ridiculous.

Dee Dee Dunleavy: People need to stop getting offended on other people’s behalf.

Tony Jones: He didn’t need to apologise. It was a light-hearted moment with a colleague. A few people need to lighten up themselves.

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