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In the zone: Extreme lengths Melbourne parents are going to for public schools

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Some Melbourne families are being forced to move multiple times to get their child into a public high school, a new report has found.

As reported in The Age some parents are pulling out all stops to get into the right school zones for the best state high schools.

One parent ended up having to move house twice to make sure her children could get into Beaumaris Secondary College.

Similar stories abound about Melbourne Girls College in Richmond and Balwyn High School.

The Opposition’s Education spokesperson Tim Smith says the system needs to be overhauled.

“There is a lot of confusion about which zones are enforced and which zoned aren’t,” Mr Smith said.

“The lack of transparency and information for parents, you can’t go to the education website and work out what zone you’re in and if that zone is enforced.

“It’s not acceptable in this day and age that that information isn’t available for parents.”

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