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‘Increasingly stupid’: Tom Elliott slams dancing climate protest set to disrupt the city

Yet another climate change protest is set to disrupt Melbourne’s CBD tonight.

Extinction Rebellion protesters clad in sparkly outfits will descend on the city tonight, with protesters gathering at Carlton Gardens at 5pm.

The group are set to take to the streets of the CBD from 6pm.

Their latest protest, dubbed ‘DISCObedience for climate’ involves dancing in the street, and Tom Elliott says the protests are getting ridiculous.

“These climate change protesters are getting increasingly stupid!,” he said.

“They’re going to dance to disco beats and in their words, not mine, ‘this will send a deadly serious message about climate change.”

“How do alleged spectacular dance moves on the streets of Melbourne send a global, serious message about climate change?

“They don’t!”

Extinction Rebellion protester Brad Homewood said Tom’s mockery proves the protest tactic is working.

“We’re trying to raise awareness of this in the most fun way we possibly can,” he said.

“You’re talking to me now because we’re going to do that tonight, so in a sense we’ve already achieved part of what we’re trying to achieve. We’re trying to make the conversation front and centre.”

The global DISCObedience protests coincide with the COP25 Climate Conference in Madrid, where world leaders are gathered to discuss the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.

On a Facebook event for the protest more than 1600 people indicated they were ‘interested’ in attending.

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Image: Asanka Brendon Ratnayake