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Incredible 000 call: ‘I’ve had my baby early; it’s 26 weeks’

On ‘Thank A Paramedic‘ day, Neil Mitchell hears an extraordinary tale of a premature baby’s delivery over the phone.

Full audio of the dramatic 000 call is below.

Colleen Constante’s son Lucas would not have survived without the help of paramedics, and the calmness of the 000 dispatcher.

Lucas’s parents heard the audio of her frantic call for help for the first time.

Colleen had gone into labour at nearly 26 weeks pregnant, alone and terrified at home.

The fear in her voice is palpable, but today Lucas is a happy, healthy boy thanks to those who were first on the scene.

On the other end of the phone, the 000 dispatcher was calm and incredible under pressure.

‘They never know what they’re going to get, they’re trained for everything,’ Colleen told Neil Mitchell.

‘Hearing the stress in my voice, her main aim was to keep me calm and I think she did that really well.’

Colleen said it’s hard to articulate the depth of her appreciation for the people who helped to save her son.

‘There are only so many ways you can say thank-you.’


Little Lucas today.