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‘Incredibly frustrating’: Principal quits after expelled student returns

A high school principal has quit in fear for his students after his decision to expel a student who made threats with a knife was overturned.

The Herald Sun reports the resignation comes amid wider concerns about student safety and disciplinary decisions by the department.

It was revealed earlier this week a schoolgirl who was the victim of a foiled poison murder plot had to leave her school after the perpetrator’s expulsion was overturned.

Sue Bell, the President of the Victorian Association of State School Principals, told Ross and John on 3AW Breakfast principals should have the final say when it comes to suspensions.

“It’s incredibly frustrating,” she said.

“The principal is the single professional in this who understands what’s happened before and what the consequences are of keeping the child in the school, and what the consequences are of expelling them.

“So to not have a voice in the appeals process is incredibly difficult.”

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