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Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie urges Federal MP’s to stay below blood alcohol limit

Independent Senator Jacquie Lambie has told Nick McCallum that she supports a crackdown on Federal Ministers keeping their blood alcohol readings below 0.05 and that Immigration Minister Peter Dutton needs to step aside.

Following calls by former public servant Paul Barrett for Federal Ministers to not drink unless they’re on leave, Jacqui Lambie slammed disgraced former MP Jamie Briggs saying that he stepped way over the line for his behaviour when overseas recently.

‘He shouldn’t have been drinking whatsoever.  If he had not been drinking he wouldn’t be in the situation he’s in today.  It’s as simple as that.’ she bluntly told Nick McCallum. ‘He does the same think in the Senate, I’ve seen him in there half tanked.’  

And it seems that Mr Briggs wasn’t the only one in Lambie’s line of fire, saying that Immigration Minister Peter Dutton should step aside from Parliament after he insulted journalist Samantha Maiden via a text message that he mistakenly sent directly to her.

‘I think he’s an absolute butt-head to be honest.  For somebody that’s a Minister that’s just unacceptable,’ said Ms Lambie.

‘They’re already reshuffling the Cabinet, so let’s go for it and let’s do a clean shuffle.’

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