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Infectious diseases expert casts doubt on need for harsh Melbourne lockdown

A health expert says there may not be any merit in the harsh lockdown gripping Melbourne.

Yesterday, NSW, which is not in lockdown, recorded 12 new COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile, Victoria, which is enduring a harsh lockdown, recorded 11 new cases.

Infectious diseases expert at Sydney University, Professor Robert Booy, says the value of comparing one day in isolation is limited.

“To compare just on one day is of course not the right thing to do,” he told Neil Mitchell.

But Professor Booy cast doubt over how necessary Melbourne’s tough lockdown is.

“People try to put measures in place that make sense but a lot of it, we’re still guessing,” he said.

“We do mathematical modelling … but at the end of the day there’s no simple rule.

“Whether you guys need to have elimination, I’m not so sure.”

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