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Infrastructure Victoria unveil their thirty year plan for Victoria

Infrastructure Victoria have unveiled their 30-year plan for the state, which includes upgrades to roads and police facilities. 

Neil Mitchell says – ‘It’s an explosion in the ideas factory, a blueprint for the future of Victoria and it could touch every life.’

Chief Executive for Infrastructure Victoria, Michel Masson sat down with Neil to discuss the new plans.

‘If we don’t act now, very clearly, we can forget about the liveable city, and we can definitely say sorry to the future generations who will have to bear the cost for not acting now.’ – Masson told 3AW Mornings.

Mr Masson says Victoria needs to very quickly change their attitude – ‘How can we make the most of what we currently have before we look at building new things?’

NEIL: ‘When do we start work?’

MICHEL: ‘We needed to start work yesterday.’

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