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Injuries the only thing saving Buckley, says Tony Shaw

Collingwood champion Tony Shaw has weighed in on the turmoil surrounding Nathan Buckley.

The Magpies have had a horrid start to the season, and recent comments from Buckley’s predecessor Mick Malthouse that the Pies were on the verge of a ‘dynasty’ before Buckley took over have only caused further distraction.

Shaw said the Pies’ horrible injury list is ‘the only thing saving Nathan at the moment’.

‘If they were to play like they are at the moment with a full list… they’ve only had nine players play every game this year,’ Shaw said.

‘I’m worried about style of play. It is so stagnant, so structured. They’re not playing with flair.’

Shaw said he was ‘totally against’ the succession plan that saw Buckley replace Malthouse.

‘You coach a Premiership, then make the Grand Final the next year, I couldn’t see the sense in it,’ Shaw said.

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