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Inspirational teen treks to North Pole

Fourteen-year-old Jade Hameister walked to the North Pole last week.

It’s part one of the ‘polar hat-trick’ she is aiming to complete – next year she will trek across Greenland with a sled before skiing to the South Pole.

‘The training was pretty good, we worked pretty hard,’ Jade told Neil Mitchell. ‘I go back to school next week.’


Pic via @jadehameister Instagram


Pic: @jadehameister Instagram?

Jade also held her own ANZAC Day service at the North Pole, complete with an ode and a reading, as it was the first year since she was born that she would miss the Dawn Service.

She said during the twelve days it took to complete the trek there were many times she was ready to pull up stumps as it was so cold.

‘I would like there to be a message,’ she told Neil. ‘I would like them [other teens] to think that if they have a goal they should give it a crack.’

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