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Is 25 minutes long enough for an AFL quarter? This former AFL star thinks so!

A former AFL star has thrown his support behind a proposal to shorten the length of the average AFL quarter.

Data shows the average length of a quarter in 2019 was 30 and a half minutes.

The AFL Player’s Association is suggesting the time limit be capped at 25 minutes.

Former Richmond and Greater Western Sydney star Brett Deledio told 3AW’s Tom Elliott the proposal would be great for the game.

“It could potentially add to the excitement factor if the games are to a set time,” he said.

“It will certainly play a part [in injury prevention].

“The amount of training and everything that goes on, length of the game could have a contributing factor [to injuries].”

However, he also noted the negative effects the change could have.

“It could also increase the risk players are taking to win games, playing safe if they’re in front or potentially giving up if they know the game is well and truly done.”

Mr Deledio told 3AW Drive if the AFL wants to shorten games, cutting quarters is the way to go rather than reducing half time.

“When I was playing I wanted as much time as I could to recuperate to get going again for the next half,” he said.

“To reduce that further, I don’t think that’s the time to try and do that.”