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Is ‘class warfare’ behind APEX gang attacks on luxury cars?

A terrified father who confronted a gang inside his own home has told Neil Mitchell ‘class warfare’ is behind the growing number of aggravated burglaries involving gangs like APEX.

The gang, believed to behind a significant number of the attacks, is renowned for targeting luxury cars and upper class homes.

Mark (not his real name) recently experienced that first hand and said current political talk about ‘going after the rich’ may be contributing the problem.

‘I just feel that there’s a bit of a class warfare being perpetrated,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

‘And there’s a lot of fuel being added to fire through inappropriate remarks from a lot of people who should be a lot more responsible in the way they conduct themselves.

‘When we hear politicians talk about taxation and ‘the rich’ it seems to fulfil this tall poppy syndrome, maybe that’s just a personal perception.’

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