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Is fasting a farce? It works for some, but it’s not for everyone

Ross and John’s producer, Kate, has just started a five-day fast.

But that’s nothing compared to a story you may have seen this week about Silicon Valley executives who don’t eat for up to eight days at a time.

So does fasting work?

This morning Ross and John asked Professor Manny Noakes, research director for CSIRO Food and Nutritional Sciences.

“It does help to reset your appetite control, so for a lot of us who are in situations where it’s easy to overeat, that approach can be helpful,” she said.

But fasting isn’t for everyone.

“We’ve done a lot of research on intermittent fasting and we found that some people, it works extremely well for, while other people just can’t handle avoiding food for too long.”

As for the Silicon Valley executives who don’t eat for eight days, Professor Noakes says “that’s not really the way to do it”.

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