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Is it okay to call women ‘girls’? Michael Carr-Gregg weighs in

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A Queensland educator has sparked online debate after demanding that people stop calling women ‘girls’.

Associate Professor Michael Flood, a sociologist specialising in gender and sexuality studies, says calling women ‘girls’ infantilises them, has creepy sexual undertones and promotes inequality.

Psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg disagrees strongly.

“This is the extreme left seeking to control the language that then seeks to control you,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“This is more left linguistic perversion and I do not like it.

“This, to me, is part of the little small moves, subtle edits and constant pressure to talk, think, behave and believe as these people do.”

Dr Carr Gregg said context and intention are what matters when using the terms ‘girls’ or ‘boys’.

“As far as I’m concerned you should basically use the language you feel like using.”

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