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‘Is there such a thing as a healthy cocktail?’: Burnso’s big question answered

Is there such a thing as a healthy cocktail?

Burnso asked this question with a mouthful of lollies, and a hopeful heart.

Dietitian Simone Austin let him down softly — and gave us a skerrick hope.

“It’s a very hard to question; it’s about how many of them you down and what the ingredients are,” she said.

“Usually there’s spirits, sometimes a couple of shorts worth of spirits in there, which means you’re having two standard drinks in one drink.”

Ms Austin added that while it was true that mixers such as coke added an unhealthy does of sugar, alcohol brought it’s own kilojoules to the party.

So, in short, the answer is ‘No’,  but click PLAY below for the full chat

Top photo: Kate Stevenson tasting cocktails at The Everleigh, in Melbourne (via Feast on Instagram)