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Is this poor taste? Neil Mitchell discusses this ‘obscene’ jumper


A young woman working in a shop has been caught wearing a jumper that’s been described as obscene and offensive.

3AW Mornings listener Mark sent in a photo to Neil Mitchell with the derogatory words on the back of her jumper.

He spotted the woman at a shop on the weekend and said while he wasn’t ‘prim and proper’ or religious, he found it offensive.

‘I was just blown away,’ he said.

‘That is beyond anything I have seen as reasonable.

‘She would have been in her teens, I was really disgusted.’

In an interview on 3AW Mornings, Senior Sergeant Michael Lamb said he felt compelled to share his thoughts on the lack of respect for authority.

‘Isn’t that a classic example of a breakdown in morals, and respect for people, respect for religions?’

‘Whether they are Christian or Muslim it doesn’t matter.

‘Whether it was Muhammad or Jesus, it’s equally offensive in my book.’

Director of the Legal Rights Project at the Institute of Public Affairs, Simon Breheny, said it’s possible she is breaking the law.

‘There is still a law in the books in victoria, which does give the police a provision they can use,’ he said.

‘They’d have to prove the material was objectively offensive or it was indecent or threatening language.

‘You could make the case this was profane or indecent.’

It’s believed the jumper is linked to an extreme metal band, Cradle of Filth.

(Note: Photo has been blurred)

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