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Is your gut healthy?: Take Dr Megan Rossi’s quiz and find out

Gut health is a hot topic as new research continues to reveal the massive impact gut health has on overall health.

World-leading expert in gut health, Dr Megan Rossi, joined Karen Inge to explain why gut health is so important.

She said the best thing you can do to ensure your gut is healthy is eat at least 30 different types of plants every week.

But the question “Is my gut healthy?” can’t be answered with a simple yes or no.

Luckily, Dr Rossi has a handy quiz which can help you determine how healthy your gut is!

And another thing that may help you work out whether your gut is healthy…. the Bristol stool scale cake!

Optimal poo is type 3,4 or 5.

“If you’re having a 6 or 7, or a 1 or 2, ongoing, then that’s something worth investigating with your GP,” Dr Rossi said.

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