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Islamic Conference under fire for a flyer which doesn’t show female speakers

The Islamic Peace Conference is under fire for a flyer which doesn’t show female speakers’ faces.

Three of the conference’s 15 speakers are women, but the flyer for the event only shows the faces of the 12 male speakers.

The women have been replaced by a generic image of a hijab.

Event organisers claim it is to ‘protect the women from right-wing extremism’.

But one of the female speakers, Monique Toohey, told Tom Elliott that is only part of the story.

‘I do believe that was one of the reasons,’ she said.

‘But they were not prepared to rectify the situation. This isn’t good enough. Not in 2017.’

Ms Toohey has pulled out of the conference after the flyer would not be changed.

‘I didn’t feel like it aligned with my values, and certainly not in a way that I choose to represent myself publicly.’

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