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Iso-Cray: Short video provides window into how Melburnians are coping with lockdown

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(Image: Monster & Bear)

A Melbourne video production company has put together a short video documenting the stages of lockdown.

Monster & Bear put a call out for video submission from Melburnians, and was overwhelmed by the responses providing a rare window into how Melburnians are coping with isolation.

“We went into it with the intention of normalising what everyone was feeling, and we didn’t know what that feeling was going to be,” Creative Director of Monster and Bear, Sarah Hickey, told Dee Dee.

“When we started to receive the material we were finding that everyone, to be honest, was starting to go a little bit crazy.”

From the submission provided, five stages of ‘Iso-Cray’ were identified:

Phase 1: Finding ways to pass the time.

Phase 2: Getting creative.

Phase 3: Depression. Anxiety. Uncertainty.

Phase 4: Isolation Crazy (the ‘pinnacle of Iso-Cray’).

Phase 5: Seeing something on the horizon…

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watch the video