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‘It doesn’t sit right’: Mick Warner takes aim at GWS concessions

Mick Warner has taken aim at the extreme concessions afforded to GWS by the AFL.

The Herald Sun journo told 3AW Football it ‘doesn’t sit right’ that the league looks after the newest club, while long-standing supporters of clubs like the Bulldogs go unrewarded.

‘The Bulldogs haven’t won a premiership for 62 years, the Giants look like they could do it in their fifth,’ he said.

‘That just doesn’t sit right with me.’

Warner said he has nothing against the Giants themselves, who have played the hand they were dealt well.

‘But they were given too much, and they’ve capitalised on it,’ he said.

‘In two or three years’ time, they’ll be impossible to beat.’

But Collingwood legend Tony Shaw disagreed.

‘What do you want them to do? Struggle for 27 years to win a premiership like Sydney?’ he said.

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