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‘It doesn’t matter who you are’: High-profile figures cop huge fines for illegally clearing Mornington Peninsula land

Two high-profile figures have been slapped with huge fines for illegally clearing land on the Mornington Peninsula.

Chris Judd’s company has been fined $46,500 for illegally clearing native vegetation from land at his Arthurs Seat holiday home, which is in a green wedge.

The former AFL star cleared 3000sq metres of vegetation at a property he purchased in 2016.

In court, he claimed he had cleared the land due to fears of snakes and bushfires.

Last week, Lindsay Fox was fined $10,000 for illegally clearing beach-side vegetation at his Portsea property, and replacing it with lawn.

Mornington Peninsula Mayor David Gill said the council is cracking down on illegal clearing.

“It doesn’t matter who you are,” he told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“If you are out there just looking to do your own thing and not look after the Mornington Peninsula, we will be concerned and we will go to court.”

Mr Gill said the council will take both Chris Judd and Lindsay Fox to VCAT, and the pair are likely to have to pay more money to restore the cleared vegetation.

“Restoration of native vegetarian, when you’re talking about particular valued species like native orchids, it’s going to be difficult and it’s going to be expensive,” he said.

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