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‘It’s bizarre’: Mum refused wine, non-alcoholic beer shopping with teen son

A mother of a teenage son has described it as ‘bizarre’ that staff at a liquor chain refused to sell her wine and non-alcoholic beer because he was carrying it.

Christine McKenzie said her son was being helpful and holding the non-acloholic beer when he was asked for his ID at the checkout.

She told Neil Mitchell she told the staff member it was for her husband, and not her son.

‘I thought it was some sort of mistake,’ she said.

Adrian Richardson from La Luna Bistro said they were ‘dead right’ and the liquor licensing laws were strict for a reason, even with young children.

‘As soon as they touch any package alcohol, (you) cannot buy any alcohol,’ he said.

‘It sounds draconian, but the government wants to get strict with underage drinking and I agree with it.’

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