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It’s cheaper to go on a long-term cruise than a live in retirement home, says The Finance Guru

An Aussie finance expert says it’s cheaper to go on a cruise ship than it is to settle in a nursing home.

3AW’s Finance Guru Scott Haywood spoke with Tom Elliott, he says it works out to be much more expensive to live in an inner-suburban nursing home, than float away into the sunset for a few months.

‘It’s actually going to be cheaper for long-term cruise ship travel,’ Scott said on 3AW Drive.

‘You only walk on the ship with a suitcase; you get free toothpaste, free razors, shampoo, free swimming pool access, you get a free gym.’

‘TV broken? Lightbulb goes? That’ll be replaced. Need a new mattress? That’ll be replaced.

‘?and, it’s all cost effective.’

3AW listener Anna called in and said she recently travelled on a luxury cruise and met an elderly woman who had lived on the ship for over 8 years.

‘She had the time of her life!’ said Anna.

‘She’s very secure, there’s not threat of being robbed or attacked, she’s fed well… Very well I might add.’

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