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‘It’s exhausting being nice’: Hugh Jackman reveals how the pirate villain he plays in Pan is mostly made of ham


Having conquered most other film genres, actor Hugh Jackman dips his toe into the family movie realm in director Joe Wright’s fantasy-adventure Pan, in which he plays bad-guy pirate Blackbeard.

Though he denies any large-scale career planning, it’s Jackman’s first go as an out-and-out villain.

In this interview Jackman describes how much he enjoyed chewing the film’s enormous scenery.

Proud that he was able to pull off a difficult sword-fighting scene opposite Rooney Mara, Jackman discusses the perils of online pirating and how it hurt the first Wolverine film, his desire to do more purely dramatic films such as Prisoners and the shifting ratio of good luck versus hard work in his life thus far.

Jackman also explains the motive behind his many  philanthropic projects, which includes his involvement in Laughing Man coffee, his profits from which he donates to charity.

As is almost always the case with Jackman the guy was in very high spirits.

Please enjoy this special interview.

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