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It’s hypocritical of Bill Shorten to question Malcolm Turnbull over Cayman Islands, says Tom Elliott on 3AW

3AW Drive host Tom Elliott has called out opposition leader Bill Shorten over Labor’s questioning of Malcolm Turnbull’s tax arrangements in the Cayman Islands.

He said it was wrong to suggest the Prime Minister was doing anything sinister.

‘It’s not about tax avoidance, per se,’ the 3AW Drive host explained.

‘It’s about only paying tax once, rather than twice.

‘And you know what? That’s exactly what most of us do.

‘I tell you another thing which is very interesting.

‘Bill Shorten was on the board of directors of Australian Super for many years ? Australian Super also pumps money into Cayman Island funds.’

LISTEN: Tom Elliott explains the tax arrangement on 3AW Drive