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It’s time for Australia to have a population conversation, says Tom Elliott

It’s time for Australia to have a conversation about population, says Tom Elliott.

The 3AW Drive host said the issue was not being discussed enough at political level.

He said it was too important to ignore.

‘I’m sick of hearing stories about the Monash being crowded, the West Gate being crowded, people not being able to afford houses, everything is crowded ? there’s too many people ? etc. etc ? we have a choice in this country,’ Tom declared on 3AW Drive.

‘Sixty per cent of our population increase is due to immigration.

‘We are one of the few places on earth that can control our own immigrant numbers.

‘We can have them higher if we want, or lower if we so desire.

‘Why don’t we talk about it more?’

He also questioned the stance of some when it came to the issue.

‘Why do you get branded a ‘racist’ if you suggest you want the population to be lower?’ Tom said.

‘One of the interest things about the Greens, one of the hypocritical things, is that they want us to throw open the doors to asylum seekers but also want our population to be lower because they worry about the effect on the environment of having too many people.’

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