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‘It’s time we got in step’: Tom Elliott agrees with push to lower driving age

Tom Elliott says it’s time for Victoria to come into line with the rest of Australia and lower the driving age.

A parliamentary inquiry kicked off today to investigate the merits of lowering the legal driving age to 17. 

The RACV rejected the push saying it could lead to more serious injuries, crashes and fatalities. 

But Tom Elliott says there should be a year’s gap between teens being able to purchase alcohol and get their probationary licenses.

‘Most of the rest of Australia, 17-year-olds can drive,’ he said.

‘It’s time we got in step with the rest of the country.

‘I don’t think you are any worse danger on the roads at 17 than you are at 18.

‘I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have a year between the driving age, let’s make it 17, and the drinking age at 18.’

Tom Elliott will speak to James Purcell, the Vote One Local Jobs MP, who is beyond the push.

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