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‘It shakes the glass, it rattles the panes’: Calls to ban joy flights over inner suburbs as tourist helicopter numbers soar

Tourist helicopter flights have taken off in Melbourne and residents in the inner suburbs are not happy.

Historically, tourist flight operators only flew along the Yarra River, but the relaxation of aviation laws has led to many flying over the inner suburbs.

Some tourism operators are now circling the MCG up to 27 times an hour.

East Melbourne residents claim that the helicopters are flying too close to apartments and it’s disruptive, noisy and has sparked security concerns.

Greens MP for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, is pushing for tougher rules on tourist aircraft in the city.

“You can more or less fly a helicopter or a small plane where you like,” he told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“It’s meant that some residents have had to wear industrial strength ear protectors at home, it shakes the glass, it rattles the panes.”

Mr Bandt said things are getting worse, and the problem is so bad that some people are considering moving.

He called for the introduction of restricted flight paths for non-essential aircraft.

“There’s got to be a balance,” he said.

“There’s better tourist routes and there are ones that don’t disturb people’s amenities.”

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